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Originally Posted by Yodaime View Post
Ok let's break it down. you say 1 map at a time. you mean cobb or JB4? Each tune has it's own map for your mods. On Cobb I used to be on Stage 2 Aggresive+FMIC. Because I have Full Bolt Ons. Exhaust,Downpipes,Intake,Front Mount Intercooler. So With that map it makes more power since I have mods to back it up. If your a guy that just want just alittle more power and no big risk than Cobb Stage 1 is perfect for you. It is believe a 30/40% increase of HP and TQ. I've had JB4 and for the price of the piggyback, it is GOOD but I wanted MORE responsive power so I went with Cobb. On both tune you will need what they call an Oil Catch Cann. If your making more power or PSI aka Boost than stock (8)psi than your gonna get more oil into your intercooler and such and will lead to more problems down the line. also with more than STOCK power you will start to wear more things down. for example, Spark Plugs, Fuel Injectors, Coil Packs. Normal wear and tear. Pm me if you need help with anything and for the price your willing to pay for I can help navigate you what you would need for your budget :P


ALSO! For the point you said a tune over a tune. I've seen people use JB4 to run Meth and E85 and Cobb for the main tune. Because Cobb as I know to my knowledge can't run meth yet. JB4 has options for you to control the meth. Correct me if i'm wrong people. goodluck
What I meant by one map was running one tune at a time. For example, JB4 map (x) OR COBB map (x). But I found out from another user that you CAN run JB4 AND COBB at the sametime for finer tuning like you said.

But if you can answer me this... JB4 on 335i is equal to JB4 on 335is (assuming both running 93 oct with same mods, same map) Which has more output?
Thanks for the heads up. I should be receiving my JB4 G5 by end of this week. I will keep you posted and if I do have questions, you'll be the first one to know. lol Maybe I'll turn to COBB later down the road but I think JB4 will do for now. Next up is DP but I read from another thread that CPO warranty does not like DPs... so I'm debating...
Anyways, thanks for your input! Much appreciated! ^^