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Originally Posted by benzy89 View Post
1st off, the last part of your post makes no sense.

2nd, since when does COBB has LC for their BMW tunes (there's also no NLS either before you say that)?? There is no directly comparison here UNLESS you're not using Map 5 (the AutoTune Map). AND if you want to compare the JB4 to a COBB, this is what happens:

E90 335 COBB (camera car) vs 135 JB4 (guess who wins every time):

The JB4/PROcede cannot possibly outperform the COBB when it doesn't modify fueling tables or engine timing. The COBB (just like a GIAC or EuroCharged FLASH tune) can adjust & recalibrate these engine performance parameters depending on the mods & gas being used + actually tune the car. Not that there's anything wrong with the piggys, but all they really do is change the boost being targeted & let the OEM DME compensate (which not only isn't tuning, it's incredibly stupid to run your engine & use the OEM DME/knock detection as a safety net)
You may not agree with my last sentance, but understanding it seems to be more of a comprehension issue for you. It makes perfect sense, you simply chose to disagree and couldn't quite verbalize it.

Regarding Cobb and LC, I didn't say it was a feature specifically for BMW, I said it was a Cobb feature - that was the point, and it is a FACT. You are being pedantic.

Regarding your last comment - You call it stupid, which is a very subjective and emotional arguement and doesn't deserve any further comment. It's been beaten to death, and most would agree, a JB4 outperforms Cobb's OTS maps, period. And ultimately, this is why you don't like to compare them, isn't it???

But, since we're posting multimedia to make points, here you go.