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Originally Posted by Alex.Devol
Piano is hassle for those who have it, but as above is quite desirable and sells for a decent price 2nd hand, IMO it's probably best looking when not rife with scratches. I changed my centre console which took the most battering to carbon which ties in nicely with the black and doesn't look out of place, the piano dash and doors have stayed and easily polish up if they do get scratched which is rare now.
I'd suggest swapping or wrapping the centre console to something black and textured which masks scratches / smudges like brushed black aluminium or carbon.
Thanks for the advice everyone.

The centre console is the worst bit for scratches.

What can I use to polish it up a bit?

I have some scratch remover for paint handy but not sure if that's the best thing possibly even that is too abrasive. Otherwise I have some AG super resin polish?

I see lots of high gloss black trim being advertised as piano black on the 'bay lol!
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