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Originally Posted by Wedge1967 View Post
Sorry, but I have to laugh at the fact the JB community are being forced to buy a COBB AP to fix fueling and other short comings with the JB4. Don't get me wrong, I know the flashed DME is the only way to fix the fueling issues with the stock tables. I too have a flashed DME I paid $100 for. I guess my point is simple, other than gauge hijacking and some other smoke and mirrors our piggies provide, I honestly think that unless JB and Vishnu come up with something really off the wall I have to have it product, the future is leaning to COBB.
BMS provides their backend flash tune free of charge, and ignoring the VANOS and advance benefits it's only needed for cars running heavy mixtures of E85 without meth or large turbos where the OEM flash is maxing out fuel trims.

Currently the only way to load their free flash is with a Cobb AP. Because that is the only at home flashing solution that is currently available. Maybe some day some other at home solution will come out that is less expensive?

I will say it's a lot better than shipping your DME out every time you need a flash update, being without a car for days, hoping it all goes to plan. Your PROcede flash is different for 100% E85 vs. 50% E85 so what happens if you decide not to run 100% E85 some day? Or the gas station runs out? You ship the DME back for a few more days of down time? Or what about when Shiv adds some new super-dooper table unlocking more power? You ship the same back and wait a few days again? Then when you go in for service then what? You reconnect all your fuel lines to stock, hope nothing leaks, and ship it back again for an OEM flash? It's simply not a practical approach not to mention
removing the DME itself is not a super easy feat.

On the costs the APs sell for $8xx.00 new but $600-650 used, so when you turn the lease back in, etc, you recover most of your money anyway.

On the tuning end for heavily modified cars the JB4 offers good performance advances over the flash itself. Absolute boost targeting, auto tuning, meth support, gear dependent boost control, on the fly adjustment, your "smoke and mirror" gauges which are very nicely done on the JB4, support for boost levels up to 25psi, etc. And many cars don't even need the BMS flash. It's just those who run out of fuel from running big E85 mixtures or large turbos.


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