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Originally Posted by pruettfan View Post
These warranties have nothing to do with BMW. They are provided through a third party. Dealerships make a ton of money on selling them and I have heard of all kinds of stories they tell to convince folks to sign on the dotted line. The scenario given above is in fact fraud. I doubt that free tires are worth the potential of legal issues involved should the warranty company catch on.
In Canada I bought my warranty through BMW and not a Third Party
and let me tell ya it is worth the Money.

In the last year
2 style 313 19"
2 19" bridgestones
2 17" dunlop sp winter tires

If I would have had to pay out of Pocket, it would have been a fortune.

This Warranty should be a no brainer to any1 buying a BMW.(and as always except the first price that is given to ya)