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Originally Posted by torifile View Post
I'm seriously thinking about getting a Level 2 upgrade from Musicar NW and I have asked Ken this question but I thought I'd throw it out here too.

I listen to all my music through my iPhone. My 335 has 6FL so that's what I use. I often use Rdio/Spotify for my music but I do listen to some directly stored on the phone. I get the "high quality" stream from Rdio/Spotify, which is, I believe 256 or 320. My locally stored tracks are 256 AAC.

So, will I just be making the lossy format more noticeable or will I actually hear an appreciable difference in audio quality?
If you are asking if getting a Level 2 system will improve your system, then yes. You will be fine. Personally I use lossless but there is enough fidelity at those bit rates to enjoy high-quality audio. My experience is that compression artifacts are audible to about ~160kbps.

That being said I do find a warmer tone at higher bit rates (320-lossless) and I can usually pick out the difference in an A/B comparison.