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thorough check up before warranty expires?

Hello all,

Forgive me this newbie if my questions have been repeated because there are total of 13 pages for warranty questions and I can't read all of them. I also only have basic common mechanic and limited BMW knowledge.

I have 2007 (February) 335i coupe, ~45,000 miles, bought used at 2008 with ~8,000 miles, came with extended warranty and purchased the extended maintenance which will expired by the end of January 2013.

2 questions, does anyone (or does it make sense) to take our cars to a third party auto shop for thorough diagnosis for unknown problems, for example like leaky gasket, things that will break soon but not quite yet, then request BMW to repair those problems with this diagnostic record (if there are problems)?

2nd question, does BMW or third party offer any extended warranty after the extended warranty and the quote?