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Originally Posted by KMEddy View Post
I guess I might be able to help you out a little. I went from an E90 (2006 330i Sport, premium, cold weather act.) to a B7 (2008 A4 S-line APR stage 1 tune, plus intake and down pipe) and I currently own an E92 (2009 328xi Sport, premium, CW, iDrive ect.) First, I love my E92 hands down more than the other two. The BMW and the Audi while in the same class are two completely different cars. That being said I really liked both of them. The A4 being tuned and having a few parts was faster than my E90 and E92, however, you could tell that even with the sport suspension the handling and steering feel left something to be desired. The car was not as sharp or nimble as the 330.

As far as reliability goes, I never had a problem with the E90 (drove it for about 25k miles) the audi I only had for about 5-7k and sold it to a close friend of was in need of a car and wanted what I had and that why I purchased the E92 semi- recently. He has put another 10-15k on the audi and the only thing he has had to replace are the tires and 2 wheels bearings.

The audis are a great car, the BMW's are a better car IMHO. It really depends on what your looking for.

If you have any other questions feel free to ask
That's perfect. *Thanks.

To be honest, I do like the B7 Avant in Sline quite a bit, and as I recently bought a house I'm limiting my budget on family car - and 4x4 E91 is more money than B7 by quite a bit.*

The only thing that bugs me is I go to some Audi forums, and read their posts - holy reliability batman. It's either injectors, or EGR, or cam follower, or belt change for 2000 USD, or some silly limp mode errors, which frankly scares me off a bit. I love how E91 looks and how B7 Avant looks - and quattro suits me more than rwd in winter, and xdrive E91 is too expensive. So that's why I'm ponder the posh VW option. *

I won't comment on how they compare as I think both have plusses and minuses and both require a compromise. So far my research indicates that BMW has some easier to understand problems limited to few things, and Audi has some poorly engineered parts that cost an arm and a leg to put right if they go wrong. Which means the bimmer might be where I stay, but I want to investigate all the options before buying next set of wheels.

Originally Posted by YGazis109 View Post
I was simply putting too much money into the far no money into my e90 except normal maintenance and already put 60,000 miles on it
I think E90 is fantastically reliable for how complicated it is. 6 year ownership here, problems to date are 1) lightbulbs 2) some failed interior sensor 3) failed TPMS sensor 3) some strange knock when putting car in gear and starting to move - not fixed as dealer said 'drive until it breaks - can't tell what it is' .... Last one bugs me a little, but otherwise it's an alright car. I just hate the suspension on it, way too biased for autobahn driving.
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