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Benzy, sorry but ... Not trying to offend you in anyway, but you may as well quit while you're ahead.

Most everything you have said I've heard before from the misguided COBB boys here in Portland at one point in time. Regardless, if you're going to bash other tunes, you should first know what you're talking about before you put your foot in your mouth, well... like you did. Good job...

In Benzy's defense... trust me, I'm not trying to start a tuner war, but we all know COBB has come a long way and will probably surpass the capabilities of the JB and PROcede tunes unless Shiv and Terry come up with something out of this world. Honestly, gauge hijacking isn't worth keeping my tune around if I switch to COBB considering today COBB will do everything I need it to do accept for meth control and Aquamist has a solution for that. Face it, we all know JB and PROcede both have limits with regard to fueling and the only way to fix that is through flashing. Other than that, we all make about the same power today depending on mods and level of tune. This whole platform reminds me of the early days of computing, which vendor will walk away with it all. DR-DOS, MS-DOS, or LINUX??? I also wonder about the JB users who end up buying the COBB AP, how long will it be before they start playing with the COBB and end up using their JB for gauge hijacking and meth control. I know I would... Just my nature to play around with a new toy.. BTW, nothing against JB. I know Terry puts down some good numbers. But as a tuner, why would you turn to another tuner to fix a shortcoming with your tune? I'm not saying Vishnu's solution of shipping your DME is perfect by no means, but Vishnu isn't telling anyone to go spend $800+ on another tune to fix our fueling issues. Regardless, I honestly think I'll end up owning a COBB AP in the near future just because I want the ability to manage the tables, log what I can't log today, and do some of my own tuning to meet my needs, wants, and desires of how I feel my car should perform. Plus, I would never be happy with just an off the shelf tune like some users.

OP, nice video...