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Originally Posted by taibanl View Post
I am not an expert on input topology, Technic and VP=E are; however the answer you received doesn't sound on point. It sounds like they read your query on whether or not it accepts HIGH level inputs.

The balanced-diff input IS a LOW (Line) level input. Alpine Tech support may be assuming you are trying to use speaker inputs.

Again, I am not the expert on this, but PDX is a popular amp choice in this car.
You may be correct on their response.
I have clearly told them that I am using low level (hi fi coded HU) differential balanced input to this amp (also mentioned that JL amp is taking the same signals) directly.

And their response:

Originally Posted by makkan00 View Post

pdx only takes a single ended line level input
Can somebody kindly explain it?

As far as I understand BMW sound system, both + and - wires carries siganls and -ve wires have different voltage to earth and that is what they are saying, pdx can take a single ended line level input.

Again, I may be wrong and possibly Technic / VP may chime in and elaborate it.

Also, most installtaion of PDX amp are done via DSP or LOC on this forum. I have not seen any installation (please excuse me if I have missed any) on this forum where they have used HI FI HU signals directly ---> PDX amp.