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Originally Posted by A418t81 View Post
My GT-R has been by far....BY FAR...the best automotive purchase I have ever made. I absolutely love the thing to DEATH. This is coming from a self proclaimed manual transmission snob. They are fantastic stock, but add just a mid pipe and a custom flash and the 09-11 models increase power by *100 whp* on pump gas. I can't tell you how surprised I am that I like this car as much as I do. It just feels right. It's very honest about it's job. I love the slightly clunky and noisy gearbox. It fits the car perfectly. To be honest, I find the 335 to be a very boring car, even with all the power. It's too smooth, too synthetic. The GT-R makes no bones about it's purpose and it is HOLY $%@# fast with just a few mods especially on the street.
Yep & bye bye warranty. They are not cheap to fix.

You find the 335 too boring & smooth, but love the GT-R? GT-R is a beat no doubt, but you feel no more connected to the road & car than you do in a 335. The GT-R does all the work for you. The car is driving you not the other way around. Just my opinion. Maybe I'd change my mind if I had more seat time in one.