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Originally Posted by Fully_Bolted
Originally Posted by Dmacc View Post
Here's an idea, you could buy the kit and go to the track with it, record as many quarter mile runs as you want, back then up on vbox, go so some 60-130's back that up with vbox, shoot a bunch of videos of you racing friends and other high horsepower cars. Until then, you will just have to wait until someone who is generous enough to do so with their time posts said things, complain all you want, but I'm sure the guys who have actually purchased the kit are having a lot of fun in their cars.

It's one thing to ask for something, it's another thing to demand or complain the lack of something that doesn't even need to be produced by the end user in the first place.

Yeah it is helpful for the community, and would speak worlds, but people really need to calm down. If you're so anxious, just go buy the kit, stop the whining.
No where does it state that any owner of a single turbo kit must oblige to every request found on the Internet.
Maybe we want to buy the kit, but just want to see proof of performance first. Dropping 10k on a ST kit based on a vendors results is, well, not a very smart move in my opinion, especially given that vendors shady past.
I understand completely, I just don't think that it's fair to those who have already dumped the money to be hassled to provide data, I'm all for the extra data because that will tell us what we need to see.

Just give these guys a break, It's winter and holiday time, with time data will come I'm sure of it. FBIS has already provided a nice amount of data, it might not be what everyone was hoping to see, but he went out of his way to put that review together for the community, not for himself

thanks to MGallop