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Originally Posted by cbad335 View Post
V1 all the way. For CA, turn off X and K band because all CA law enforcement use are Ka or laser. Do that and V1 will be super quiet, unless Ka is detected, and then you can be pretty sure it's a cop. If you get popped with laser, you're done--doesn't matter what you have.

Laser jammers are illegal in all 50 states and merely send an error code to the gun. You have to slow down rapidly and turn off the jammer, so if the cop re-targets you he doesn't get another error. Getting caught with a jammer probably isn't a good thing.

GPS doesn't detect radar, it just marks a location. The last thing you want is to have the detector auto mute a location that always goes off (e.g., speed display sign) only to have a cop sitting nearby that day with his radar gun.

V1 arrows are the shit, too. At least you know from what direction the threat is coming. Very helpful and something none of the others do.
I have Escort and when there is a marked location and cop with radar next to it my radar detector alarms me that there is another radar. I put mine on expert mode and it shows you up to 5 radar signals all together. I can't comment on distance difference vs. V1 because never had one, but false alert wise and for the cities I drive Escort is great.