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Originally Posted by Jeff@topgearsolutions
Why is everyone hating so hard? If you dont think the single turbo is all it's cracked up to be nobody is forcing you to buy it. There are plenty of dyno's and 3rd party dyno's and customers dyno's.

If you have the understanding of who engines and turbo's work, you will undoubtly realize the car makes the power it's claimed to make.

If you want the power, buy the kit.

It's a single turbo just like any other, off the shelf, the plumbing is sound, and so is the tune.

Vishnu just posted pictures on their facebook and in the works of editing footage, I think people don't realize their are other things going on besides posting videos on E90, just so people can bash so more.... LOL

I'm glad someone sees what I'm seeing

thanks to MGallop