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Originally Posted by Dmacc View Post

I'm glad someone sees what I'm seeing
E90 is an interesting community. I've been on a lot of forums in the past 10 or so years. This is the only one that constantly bashes the performance industries that are here day in and day out improving the platform.

Now, if this were a Supra forum, and some new company came in, and they expected some results cause there are 20 other turbo kit options, fine, but, last I checked there is only 1 company with a successful turbo kit.

HPF was another company that was willing to put money in this platform and the community bashed every thread. Why would they waste time on a community like this? I know I wouldnt.

The way I see it, I think people need to put on their big boy pants, show a little maturity and respect. We are all on the same team here. IF you want improvements on the platform, wait for them, and help each other.

If you are just going to troll the forums with blind accusations, stirring up rumors, and guessing what is going on with no clue, then you will inevitably slow down the people that are trying to improve your platform.

Historically, from what I've seen, it doesn't matter what you post on forums as far as "results". There is always someone ready to knit pick at the details, or, split hairs.

For the people not walking around with blinders, you know the kit works. For the people that have the kit, they love it. I know, I've talked to many of them. I think for most people on the fence the problem is the unknown. They probably just wish more people had it locally so they can find out all the pros and cons. See the flaws, see the sacrifices, and see the reliability. All of which is understandable.

For anyone questioning its power, let's be real, there is a plethora of information out their.

What good is some video, on air strip, with a mis shift, or a late start, or tire spin, or perhaps a problem (outside of the turbo kit itself).

Sorry for the rant.

Originally Posted by jpsimon View Post
vishnu also posted an interesting picture on their facebook a couple weeks ago that i don't think anyone mentioned or speculated about on the forums. I'll let others go on there and figure it out. When things go quiet for a while, big things are announced.
Always true.
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