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Originally Posted by Dmacc View Post
Every 6mt with a big single I've seen have put down about the same numbers of ~650whp, seems pretty consistent to me :

It's the AT's that are having some problems with the tranny, RB guys are having those same problems, so the kit is performing as well as thought to be.... Or are you seeing something I'm not?
I was jumped on way back when due to my comments that the ST would not be compatible with a stock drive train & that the cost of those components/modifications should be factored in to the on street/track price. The $8800 whatever could not put a reliable car on the street

I was told I was clueless & there might be some issues from a dig but not from a roll. So far the from a roll results with stock drive train components does not look to good.

Bottom line is the kit is not performing well off the dyno & in real life. You can generate all the power you want but if its not usable in the car its nothing more then a parking lot bragging point.

The fact that the STís that showed up for the airport run spent the weekend for the most part getting debugged by the vendor strongly suggests these cars were turned loose on the users without having been fully tested.

Be interesting to know when the AT issue was discovered & how many AT kits were sold after that find.

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