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Originally Posted by Dmacc View Post
So I guess with that reasoning that all of those customers with RB turbos who are experiencing the same issues with their auto trans should also take it up with Rob beck?

We knew the AT would give out at some point, no one ever said it was bullet proof, and everyone was waiting to see at what power level or levels it would fail at.

If the trans is having issues, just dial back your boost until there is a fix, saying that the single kits were released too early because of a trans issue that everyone was well aware of is non sense, especially if the same problems can be found on twin turbo'd cars.
You hit the nail on the head, the problem is, people are blaming the power adders, instead of the platform itself.

It's not RB's fault, or Vishnu's fault if the platform can't handle the power.

People should realize with this much power on a car designed for 300 HP, there will be sacrifices, and things that will need to be upgraded.

If people have not got that in there head by now, they have not been realistic.

Did people really expect a stock AT tranny to hold 500WHP+ or similar torque?

If the car can't run 10's cause its spinng every gear, is the turbo kit at fault? No

If the tranny is over-heating or can't support the power, is it the turbo kit at fault? No

If someone can't drive at a air strip attack, is the turbo kit at fault? No

A car I had way back when had a supercharger kit. I was expected to run out of the box 12's. Guess what? I couldnt break out of 13's. I kept spinning tire and wheel hopping, I didn't blame the supercharger though.

The platform needed improvements. It was not the superchargers fault I spun tire into 3rd, my tires sucked. It was not the superchargers fault I wheel hopped, it was the poor suspension geometry and the need for upgraded bushings in the suspension.

See where I'm going with this. People confuse poor results with a bad kit, the turbo and kit in itself is sound, is my point, just like my supecharger kit was sound. One should expect certain sacrifices and improvements to fully succeed in upgrades like this.
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