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Originally Posted by purp_le28 View Post
Can I find Sonax wheel cleaner locally (Memphis)? Or will I need to purchase it online?

I'm assuming acid based products are difficult to work with and can ruin your wheels if you don't know what your doing?
All products stated are good. They all have their own weaknesses and strengths.

I have quite a few of them (CarPro IronX, Sonax, Meg 140, CarPro Trix, P21s, CG Diablo). Like I said earlier.... Meg D140 should be your last resort but if you diluted 10 to 1 (distilled water to D140) it should be fine for most except aluminum or anodized wheels.

Sonax is a strong wheel cleaner but Iron X and Trix could be use on all painted surface (be careful with the plastic/rubber trim pieces while using these 2 products).

Once the wheels are clean, put several coats of a premium sealant on them and you would not have to go through this every month. The sealant will make future cleaning so much easier. You will be able to knock the dust off with a pressure washer or a wipe down with a rinse-less wash (ONR).
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