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Help Please. JB4

Current Mods

JB4 G5 board
Catless downpipe
Muffler delete
Charge Pipe w BOV

So i have a local muffler shop install my Catless downpipe and when they did they crossed the O2 sensors. as may of you know the car throws a code and starts running incredibly rough with this

I had the o2 sensors put back correctly and the car still doesnt run right ONLY WITH THE JB4 (any map it does the same thing)

with the JB4 off, the car runs great (throws a CEL i am assuming bc the catless dp) but runs great, slow but great

As soon as i up the JB4 on the CELS go away, and once the car goes into full boost, the car starts shaking and throws another cel. This happens on any map

Any ideas?

the car is at TKX currently and they are waiting for someone to come down and read the code