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Originally Posted by Speedwagon View Post
I don't see why not as long as it works properly and will tighten to the specification you need. It may be a little harder to use because of the shorter pull!
85 lbs. ft. is not a lot, I don't see why a 3/8 wouldn't work. But all my impact sockets are 1/2. Also, remember, torque wrenches are not accurate below 20% of the top of their range, so if you're in that range, a torque wrench with a lower range is needed. Ex for a 30-250 wrench like mine, you cannot get down into a < 50 range.

That's why there are 3/8 wrenches with ranges of 5-75 and 10-100. With a 10-100 you can do down to 20 lbs. ft. With a 5-75 you could get down to 10 lbs. ft.