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Originally Posted by Tonybest View Post
That is where you are wrong. Better tires, better brakes make you go faster. And faster is dangerous without proper training.

You would be safer in a stock Toyota Echo... speeds would never be as high as with your M3.
Originally Posted by MTL Bimmer View Post
Not really! You can control the speed and better brakes makes you stop faster!!! You can go as slow as you want...oh and Goodluck on that toyota echo saving your life after a crash loll
You guys are funny, you trying to talk a mod junky out of his fix, LOL! Won't work, you can scream as loud as you want but the deaf will still not hear ya!

We care for you Fahad, so the suggestions of not modding for more powe were only for your safety.

Although this Catless x-pipe won't give you enough additional power to get you any more in trouble, it's not logical to get it because you surely will not pass sound limit at some tracks, this you can be sure of, this is not speculation. You can disagree all you want, doesn't mean you're right ha ha!

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