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Originally Posted by Three_thirty_I View Post
I never did get why better throttle response is as crucial for automatics though. But for manuals you do need predictable response and feel, and for me, I found that the PBX just took away the predictable throttle in most cases and made it quite jerky overall. If it was able to rid the throttle of the delay then this would have been a different story, but since it is simply modifying the default throttle map, it cannot affect this. I reckon, get rid of the throttle delay, and that by itself will yield a far far better throttle for all driving conditions - accurate lightning fast or slower gear changes would be so much easier and consistent.
because the autos have terrible throttle mapping (especially on the earlier years). Also, I see you have a 330i, which has much better mapping than the 325i and 328i already. That's why it was so jerky with your car.

If the OP has a 325i or 328i, the pbx won't be as jerky.