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Originally Posted by AWD Addict
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So basically it will definitely help to put snow tires on in addition to having a AWD drive car. If its not going to hurt me then maybe i should take a shot at it. I just didn't want to assume that having a AWD car was going to completely make my driving drastically better opposed to having a RWD car in the snow.
AWD with all seasons is going to be pretty darn good. I live in a very, very hilly area, and did fine for many years before going to dedicated seasonal setups. The snows are an improvement, no question, but honestly, I'd ride out the All Seasons and then move to a winter/summer package after that.

I'd take an AWD car in all seasons over a RWD car with snows every single time. There's no comparison. The stability and control with AWD versus a one wheel drive (RWD w/ no diff) vehicle is night and day.

As noted above, stopping still requires the same level of care and caution, no matter the drive format. Only lateral and forward control is otherwise enhanced. That said, accident avoidance isn't always a straight line stop, and even in those circumstances, AWD will give you more options to safety than RWD.
Thank you!!!

I will take your recommendation after reading around. I'll just keep in mind that I should drive safely at all times.