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Originally Posted by N8N View Post
Personally I couldn't stand driving a Mustang with a V-6, that lovely straight six sound and smoothness is a big part of the BMW appeal to me. But that may be just me.

IRS is good, too - are any of the mustangs *not* live axle?

Personally I don't think that driving a 330 would be "settling" in any way. My ex has a E46 330xi and I think it's a great little car. If she hadn't bought it I probably would have bought it myself. But I ended up with a E92 335i instead, poor me
thats a good point you bring up there about the LRA ---

If you ever intend on lowering it, i mean even an inch... plan on driving the worst riding car you've ever been in. I mean its ROUGH.

I really did like the car, but I dont think at least after all the mods i did to it, that it was a practical daily driver anymore...

I'd consider buying a used GT500 some day though for a weekend toy.

Here is what mine looked like..