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Im running map 5. And whoah boy do I notice power... As a weird form of comparison, I used to set my Iphone in the dash shelf type place where iDrive is. Before JB4 on WOT it wouldnt even budge (this is with a rubber case). Now, I cant set it there anymore because on WOT it ALWAYS slides off. With DTC off i can break loose in 2nd gear where it used to be impossible to do even in 1st. And 4 wheel drifting is a blast, bad for the car, but sometimes I cant resist.
So far no problems knock on wood. But if there are problems I just take a pic with my phone of the dash lighting up, take out the tune (which clears codes) and take to dealership. When they ask where the code is I say i have a OBDII reader and I cleared em and am trying to get them to reappear in an attempt to self diagnose the car. They are none the wiser.

Couple sidenotes: When you DO get JB4, when the engine is cold, it won't boost above about 8PSI (kinda confused me at first, thought something was wrong with the car, but turns out it wasnt warm yet >160)
Also, the DCI is kinda scary in that you definitely hear the air whooshing in your engine and you can definitely hear the oscilation in the amount of air taken in. Also scares me when things arent smooth and consistent. Im just gonna have to get over it.

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