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Originally Posted by ctuna View Post
About 5 years if you don't abuse it.
And its easy to abuse it if you don't drive regularly on the highway.
That connection is only used in shipping to put the car in a dead sleep
mode where it uses little current. Its suppose to be disconnected.
There are people that have had there battery go bad in as little as two years
if they have a low use no highway driving profile.
These cars are battery hogs they are always consuming power even when sitting.
One way to help things out a little is to lock the car and move the keyfob
far away from the car to put it in sleep mode and keep it there.
You didn't say what year your car is of if you have replaced the battery before.
Thanks for the reply..
2007 with OEM battery. Cars drives about 2 times a month on average.
guess we located the problem.... me not driving it enough...
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