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Originally Posted by Jake@PTF View Post
The AP isn't free. The flash is also generated using the Cobb ATP (Protuners) Software.
+1 Good point Jake. Funny how some people have such a different opinion when the obvious is right in front of them.

This is a quote from

"For large turbo and nitrous customers we suggest the AP to allow loading of our custom pro tuned fueling map which transfers tuning and ignition advance tuning from the JB4 over to the flash side, adds VANOS and additional tuning features, and allows the JB4 to focus on what it does best for large turbos, boost control, meth integration, in dash features, and safety features."

So correct me if I'm wrong, the BS Pro Tune fueling map transfers the tuning to include ignition advance (which the JB4 actually doesn't do that I'm aware of) over to the flash side. Then the JB4 can focus on what it does best... Boost control, meth integration, and gauge hijacking which I think that's all it does anyway right? I'm still not clear as to what safety features the JB4 has? Can someone elaborate on that?

Not trying to start a war over this, just find it comical that more people haven't questioned this solution. Buy the JB4 because it's the best tune for the money, BUT if you really want to make a lot of power, you also have to by a COBB AP to flash your DME to effectively make our tune work.

I think at this point I would have sold my JB4 and bought the COBB as suggested.