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Originally Posted by kenneth View Post
I also do not understand the need to code for a battery. I find it quite ridiculous, as if they are inventing ways to make us become completely dependent on the dealership, LOL! The lack of an oil gauge is one blatant attempt at making us become completely useless.

Why in this day and age it's more expensive to change something as basic as a battery is beyond me, we need to revolt and claim back our intelligence
I can't speak for the 3 Series (E90's) but when I changed my battery last year on the 5 the indy programmed the new battery it to the iDrive system. I was told that with the electronics the alternator doesn't always run, the system monitors the battery charge and the alternator kicks in electronically. Also, people have complained of electronics issues or the battery life being shorter if not programmed. You would be amazed how much data modern BMW's store.

When I changed my battery I took the opportunity to drop-in a 7 Series AGM battery for that extra charge. Last thing you want on modern day bimmers is to lose charge.

What is even more frustrating in modern bimmers is the non presence of the dip stick. You can't even check your oil level anymore and have to rely on the iDrive system.