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Originally Posted by Jake@PTF View Post
The AP isn't free. The flash is also generated using the Cobb ATP (Protuners) Software.

Hmm. I understood the BMS back end flash (the actual tuning) to be the subject and the AP to be the direct object (device used to perform the action) of Mike's point... illustrating the importance of reading comprehension, even when marketing Keep doing what you're doing with respect to doing pro-tunes with the COBB AP, you're making lots of customers happy.


Jake's point was completely irrelevant to Mike's comment- it was based on a reading comprehension blunder that rendered it little more than a trite comeback-styled remark. If you intended on communicating that Jake's "good point" was good with respect to accuracy, then yes. It was a factual interjection. The accessport isn't free. I'm really glad that Jake pointed this out because I was about to start calling suppliers of the AP to give me a $6-7XX product for free because that's how I misinterpreted a comment on a public board... wait, no... I understood that the "free" part was the service, not the product. Additionally, that the flash is generated using the ATP software. A factual interjection that carries literal weight and zero contextual (quoting Mike) relevance.

Thank you for the quote from BMS and your astute observation. It looks like you're learning well for being relatively new to the n54 scene. I can't account for BMS's online marketing (or Jakes, whoevers...) and won't begin since I'm relatively impartial to a particular company in this scene and more result-driven. So, in case any of that astute observation was for me, I appreciate you reiterating what I've known since before you joined this forum and likely before you got your used n54 (not knocking getting used n54s, just reiterating that I'm well aware of the differences between flashes and PID controllers). You seem pretty sharp and proactive- delve more into the JB4 product to answer your own question about its safety features. Proactively learning is good, but my hunch is that your question was antagonism.

Terry's choice to use the AP for the minority portion of his customer base is an extremely simple supply chain related business decision, considering that the x>50% E85, large turbo and NOS customers are greatly outnumbered by the "set it and forget it" customers. Think business and it all makes sense. This is a simple business decision, even people who don't have business college degrees can see it's simplicity. (if my memory serves that you were the one to throw up your college degree in support of a comment you made a little while back. )

It's important for people to understand what they want and arrive to their conclusion on their own, since there are factors towards their decision that only they know. IF they want to run lots of E85 or NOS or upgraded turbos, THEN they need a COBB AP to HOME-LOAD BMS's flash, which is how Terry's customer base will be best served, rather than mailing your DME somewhere and having your car down for the entire time its gone.

"But if you really want to make a lot of power"... I consider a FBO+meth stock turbo 335i to be a lot of power. Many people did for a long time, before you purchased your 335i and joined this forum a little more than one year ago. Hell, many people still do. Many cars have results that indicate that the car is capable making "a lot of power" on just the Piggybacks, without having to "by" an AP. Even if piggy's aren't conceptually sound to the most educated of us, I think they have enough miles on them to justify their market presence and earn respect as a viable solution to many peoples' goals.

I know you say that you aren't trying to start a war, I appreciate your sincere efforts. "I think at this point I would have sold my JB4 and bought the COBB as suggested."

Please, be genuine. Don't pretend to not want to "start a war" when its obvious that you do. You couldn't present yourself any more antagonistically than you are. I understand that you're probably emotionally revved up right now, since this is public and you're concerned about your image and such. Feel free to send me a PM to leave you feeling on top... Or comment below so that your "public" ego is restored.

I already can't wait for the sheeple of the future to ask biased (and a college educated expert) people how to modify their cars to make more power. Then people can rep what they bought and it'll be as awesome as it has been the past four years that I've seen this happen.

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