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Need new head light assembly?

I haven't driven my car in two weeks. It is currently in the shop getting a new valve cover gasket installed, new spark plugs, vacuum lines, walnut blast, and something else I forgot. Anyway, the day before I bring in my car, an alert pops up on the dash for the light. I notice that my passenger side day running light is out. During the course of my drive, the light would intermittently function. When the light would randomly turn back on, the alert on the cluster would cease.

Last time this happened it just needed a bulb. The dealer told me a year ago that I need a new head light assembly because something broke inside causing the light to not stay level (it points to the sky on the same side where the light went out). Dealer quoted $1300 for new assembly and install. I read a DIY on here on how to fix that issue, just too lazy and lack the tools to fix. Wasn't an issue to me.

Now the same problem is back. Warning on dashboard about problem with light. Passenger side day running light is out. I told my mechanic about it and told him I would pay for a new bulb if he could install while he was performing the other services on my car. Calls back saying he scanned the codes and I need a new assembly to correct the problem. Quoting $900 to fix problem. This just had to happen around the holidays FML.

I don't have the car back. I don't know the code that he ran. I know this sounds vague and it could be anything. I don't want to spend $900 to fix this headlight. I have a friend who is mechanically inclined, but I don't want to waste his time if I need a new assembly.

Thoughts on what this could be and/or solutions. If I left anything out, just let me know.