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Originally Posted by PAMidge
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Hi guys,

I just purchased a blk 2006 325xi AWD sedan a couple of weeks ago!! (Finally, i have the key to my dream car ! )I just relocated back to CT a couple months ago from Atlanta I so haven't really dealt with snow in a while. ( so please be patient with me)

A few things about my car....

Currently have Brand-new all seasons... do I still need to put on snow tires?

I currently have stock alloy rims .... Would it be better to throw all black rims to prevent constant dirty rims from the snow?

I don't have a garage. Should I buy a cover to protect the car from a bad snow storm? ( someone recommended)

The DTC it really beneficial to use it?

Any other recommendations welcomed ...

Thank you
1. It depends. In theory, YES the best thing to do for your car, safety, and longevity of tires is to get a dedicated set of winter rubber. Are all seasons adequate for most driving, sure. All it takes is getting stuck once. My theory - if your job requires you to go in regardless of weather (i.e. 24 hour worker like Firefighter, EMT, Doctor, Nurse, etc) where you cannot call out due to weather or your job won't be closed due to weather - get the tires. If anything they provide better handling below 40 degrees. It's an investment. It's $$$ up front, but will increase the life of your other tires.

2. No. Black rims are "fo sho". You're not going to have any cleaner of an experience. Wash them every 2 weeks to prevent corrosion or other damage regardless of their color. My recommendation, get a dedicated set of winter rims. The investment is larger, but you can swap them yourself if you want, and some places charge up to $250 to swap rims/tires. So $500/year versus $2000 up front. 4 years it pays for itself, and saves you headaches... and you can decide when to put them on, or if you want to take them off if it's a mild winter.

3. A car cover isn't going to protect your car from a falling tree, it may prevent light scratches from people clearing off their cars. My recommendation, keep your car clean and waxed, and warm it up appropriately prior to clearing off snow to keep your car damage free. The best thing to do is clear off snow as soon as you can, or multiple times if it's a larger storm. That way if there's any ice it doesn't cake onto the car, or into multiple layers on your car

4. Yes, DTC can be very valuable when you need a bit more traction. Just push the DTC button when traveling in conditions where you need a little wheelspin to get some more grip, or if DSC is interfering too much with daily travel. Don't push and hold it to deactivate DSC all together, you will lose the rest of your traction control.

Hope that's helpful.
Thank you for the breakdown...

This is exactly what I was looking for. I was prepared to get a new set of rims and tires because of the winter conditions however, I wanted to see if it was NEEDED. In addition, I think I'm going to use the clay bar and apply some sealant to protect my coat of paint.