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Those with the belkin adapter.... How do you feel about the output of bass using it in your car?

I just got it (the belkin unit) and have been using it the last few days and to me there is a NOTICIBLE difference in the amount of bass that comes through my speakers when using it.

I have an 'MP3 CD' that I played the same exact file through the CD player and compared it to the same exact file that was transfered to my phone and there was a noticeable difference in lows.

I thought, perhaps I've got some kind of loss through the iphone and so I tried playing pandora and iheartradio apps to see how they work... and still had the same loss of bass.

To confirm it I used a standard auxillary cable and 'hardwired it' to the audio in port on my e90 and noticed better quality with the lows doing it this way too.

I then thought perhaps its how the iphone transmits over bluetooth... but even that didnt' pan out beacuse my parents have a Jaguar that i connect bluetooth audio all the time with and it sounds just fine, as it did with the stock bluetooth audio streaming in my last car, a Mustang with the Shaker 500 and factory bluetooth streaming.

Doing all this I've narrowed it down I THINK to this unit just not being as good as I expected with the bass levels.

Anyone that also have one can give it a shot comparing side by side and see if you have the same results??? Any comments on this anyone? Would the Blackberry one presumably have better results?