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Anyone trade in their E90 for another?

Obviously a marketing ploy, but I've received another letter saying that my car is wanted by the dealer, blah, blah, blah. I can register to get a $2000 voucher towards a new or certified pre owned. Wondering if anyone has done this and/or has an estimated value of my car. I've got a 2007 E90 328i, silver, MT, sport, USB, alarm, PDC, 98K km.

I've only seen 1 car that would interest me in BC, a 2011 328xi, sport, prem, exec, MT, PDC with 23K KM. They're asking $40K.

I haven't been in the market for a car for a couple of yrs so have been a little out of touch of values.

Thinking that best case might be that they would go down 10% to $36K and apply the vouch for another $2K. My assumption is they get paid from BMW. That would bring it to $34K minus trade in value, $20K? If it's $14K, I could deal with it, but I think that's with all of the stars aligning.

Seems BMW has had record sales, so dealers are probably not terribly hungry for deals, so my thinking may be out to lunch and I'm better off hanging onto my E90. Thoughts?