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Bravo nailer. Itís difficult to read into the true meaning of an online conversation without knowing anything about the person who wrote it. I can appreciate your sense of humor and truly enjoyed reading your post.

By the way, I would never take offence to your comment with regard to my used n54. I must admit, I did my research prior to making a responsible financial decision with regard to purchasing used vs. new.

With regard to the question about the JB4 product and its safety features, I honestly donít know and left that open for comment. True, I was a little stoked regarding an earlier post made by Mike on another thread. I try to be impartial and I know I should bite my lip and let the trolls go at it, but Iíve made my share of faux pas.

I must agree it was a smart business move to utilize an existing product to provide a small percentage of his customerís with a solution. Iím sure the majority of those who buy new will also purchase the AP from BMS providing them with a nice little profit margin to offset the time spent making their flash not to mention other expenses they incurred.

My apologies to those who may have found my comments to be antagonistic in nature, I should leave my emotions aside and stick to the facts as nailer so kindly brought to our attention. I truly appreciate the words of wisdom and wish more people took the time to analysis a conversation prior to commenting. I take no offense and appreciate your honesty.