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Originally Posted by 06graphite
Actually, MiniDV is not the standard for all video editing platforms. Digital 8 is. In fact, only the more recent editing suites will even natively recognize MiniDV cameras.

As far as your Mac recommendation, all of the major video editing suites are available either for a PC or Mac (Sony Vegas, Adobe Premiere, Avid, etc.) with little to no differences. So it's no longer necessary to go spend a lot more money on a Mac just so you can use decent editing software.
The difference between Mac vs PC in terms of video editing is that with a Mac it is ready to edit video out of the box. For $1299 you can get a iMac G5 with built in video editing, and dvd burning software.

This wasn't meant to be a PC vs MAC debate though. The original post was regarding a cam for the typical home user.