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Water in drivers headlight

When I bought the car a month ago it had the indicator bulb holder missing so bought a new one from BMW, took a 4 hour drive to Manchester and back the next day and the heat off the headlights dried it out. Washed it a couple if days later and it's came back a little bit but again dried out after a couple of days. Now I'm one of these people that had to wash my car every week so after doing so at the weekend the headlight looks soaked inside and with the colder weather it's not drying out. I put 4 silica gel sachets in the head light last night and checked this morning and its still the same

I've checked all over the headlight and can't find any cracks or anything where moisture can be getting in so I'm not sure where to go from now? Can the lens be taken off the headlight like the e46's?
Only place I can find damaged is both the top clips are broken

Is there a way of fixing the water in the headlight or do you think I have no other option than to buy new lights?