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Recently bought a e91 07 320i auto and iv just stumbled over this thread! any tips? 34`000 mile car with no faults as of yet to speak of,tho it cut out at the lights once and the idle revs fluttered but i didnt worry till i read this thread,and MPG is awful in my opinion (20-24 ish round town?)

I phoned BMW customer service and they said "no recalls on that vehicle at all" which seems unlikely after reading this forum?

I bought it from a Lexus dealers but paid for extended 12m warranty, but i can hardly go back and say XXXXX might go wrong so id like it fixing before it does? sorry but im not very clued up on all this car business,i buy them,and drive them...recalls and things are all new and worrying to me,im starting to wish id bought a diesel is220 -.-

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