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Originally Posted by parps View Post
thx for the tips. called the dealer with the number on the key. cost is $14 and should be in by tomorrow
Originally Posted by myE70 View Post
I own a tire store, and in my mind the BMW locks are one of the best out there.
I don't quite understand comments made couple post up.... but
Locks are made to detour anybody from wanting to steal your wheels, and no it does not make it impossible, just more difficult.
As of yet I had not seen a lost wheel set that I could not take off, without a proper lock. It takes me a bit longer than usual, but eventually they all come of. Mcguard makes a s*&^ of locks for different manufactures thank God it is not for BMW.
This guy suggests that he has to wait for a key. What happens if youre caught with a flat in the
middle of nowhere and key is fu%$#$ or lost? Don't see the point. Lots of people use them....not me. To each his own.