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Originally Posted by e90pilot View Post
Interesting. The 330 there has Super Sprint and was on a Dynapack dyno which bolts to the wheels. The Dynojet I used measured power at the tires so naturally the Dynapack will show higher number. However the Dynapack numbers are far more consistent between cars and runs. Wheels are just another variable that the Dynapack eliminates.

You can't really compare different dynos since they produce such different results. Another Dynojet I used said I had 220hp and that day was hotter with higher humidity. Not sure how your dyno is set up, but Dinan has the same dyno with an air duct that supplies climate and humidity controlled air to the car through a huge fan. That way they can keep most of their variables constant. Even the dyno's I posted are not all the same dyno or environmental variables.
True but the dyno we have at ATM features a 30-inch roller which is the best out there as it allows for no wheelspin. An HPF e46 m3 with 990 had zero wheel-spin at our dyno, and a 1000 hp EVO 8 was also on full traction. So our results are pretty accurate!