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Originally Posted by EastCoast335i View Post
Running Cobb E85 map.
And everytime I go WOT I get a DTC code of P2AAF (Fuel Pump, Plausibilty).

I did a search and the consensus seems that just that code alone is not a concern

Anyone else running the Cobb E30 OTS map (6MT) have this issue?

I have yet to run any logs. Is this the type pf code one should expect to see when your fuel trims are maxing out?
The code has nothing to do with maxing out fuel trims but do yourself a favor and log STFT's and LTFT's if you are going to continue to run E30.

I have had this code even prior to running 2AAF. I found a thread a week or so ago that showed the steps the dealer takes when replacing the LPFP. It stated that this code alone, is nothing to be concerned about.