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Originally Posted by Jeffcharger View Post
I found the Belkin unit to be fine for bass and treble - far better than the Blackberry unit I bought first (and returned). I don't think that the Belkin is as good as original quality CDs. I think that I'd have a hard time distinquishing the difference between the belkin over bluetooth or wired.... but I can believe that wired is a touch better. From my listening, I don't think that the bass suffers at all though.

The Blackberry wasn't nearly as good. It was noticeably poorer quality over bluetooth (although I liked the unit itself - and how it integrated with the VR in the car.)
Well this is disappointing. I'm wondering if I may have a defective unit, or if it could be the sound settings on my phone or something. The lack of bass in my application is so notably different I've already stopped using it and gone back to hard wiring it through the aux input. I was hoping that the blackberry would have BETTER not worse performance