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What Software do I need

I have a 2007 335i sedan.
Want to set up my laptop with diagnostic software that will give me ability to diagnose and change options like turning off DRL and halos on all in place of DRL.
Corner light delete. Only signals for corners. And a bunch of other stuff.
In cluding Diagnosing.

I currently have the following for an E46 that I used to own approx 3 months ago.
I had a 2003 M3.
So for that car, I bought a K and D can cable from Ebay.
I have DIS v57 fully set up on my laptop using VMware.

Laptop is i3 core with 4gb Ram and Win & 64bit Home premium OS.

It all works perfectly.
I was not able to use NCSExpert as I need a WinXP 32 bit OS for it.
Other than that the diagnosing useing DIS V57 worked great.
Would not detect my car, but tell it manually what car I had, it was able to pull codes and perform diagnosing in all aspects.

What I want to know is:
What software do I need to diagnose? (with version numbers...latest?)
What software do I need to change settings? (with version numbers...latest?)

I looked and Look ed, but was not able to find this info in a sticky.
People keep talking about Carsoft, ISIS but what exactly do I need.

I am a Noob, so I kinda need a direction please, but don't mind geting my hands dirty.

Maybe a diffinition of these softwares will help me, what is for what?

Thanks in advance.