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To Down Pipe or not to Down Pipe

Ok, I'm in bit of a predicament. I want more sound out of my car badly and to cut the secondary cats out will cost around $200-250 at a reputable shop. Here in lays the problem lol Raceland DPs are only $199 and I work at a dealership with free lift access and master mechanics to help when needed. However, once those DPs are on I would have to take them off if I was to ever go to the dealer for anything including the wastegate warranty which I am still eligible for( I'm at 74,845 miles). If I was to just cut the cats out I wouldn't have to worry about anything. I know, I know DPs give MASS HORSEPOWER!!! But I'm sitting conservatively around 320whp which is plenty at the moment so the horsepower gain is not something I really care about. I just would hate to buy DPs, install them, them develop a wastegate rattle and have to take them back off.

I'm stuckkkkkkkk haha