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Originally Posted by CHECKERED View Post
I would like some clarification,
- The car had a JB4 installed and was running ok
-after downpipes install with incorrect O2’s runs bad
-O2 sensors corrected but still runs bad (how was it discovered that the O2 sensors were switched, it’s possible they were damaged and now need replacement)

You might need to do a hard rest of the DME by unplugging the battery overnight
-Yes Jb4 was in for several months and car ran great
-I went to autocature in NJ and they check the code and corrected the issue (the car ran fine with the jb4 off after this as prior the car ran like shit constantly)

I might add that it doesnt happen EVERY pull... id say 98% of the time

i am thinking it either

Bad o2 sensors from when they were switched (idk if they go bad)

or plugs and or coils.

Car has 45k on it and im sure were never changed (bought it used)