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Woops.. i think i reset the tpms when I shouldn't have..

about a week ago i got a low tire pressure message. I took the car into a tire shop and got my tires filled (they were a tad low) and then the error went away, perfect. Now today the error came up again, at the stop light on the way to work i was playing with the obc settings and reset the tpms and then a few minutes later the error message went away.

now what i think my problem is that i think i may actually have a tire/wheel problem (leak or something) but by resetting my tpms when the pressure was actually low (once again, i'm assuming that the tpms is fuctioning correctly and i really did lose air in this one week) did i get the tpms to "remember" the low tire pressure settings as correct? I want my tpms to be accurate so did i mess it up?

What should I do now? make sure the tires are all filled to the correct pressure and then reset tpms again?


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