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Originally Posted by JStang View Post
From what I've heard, raceland downpipes fit like $hit. If you have access to a lift and can DIY, you should do definitely get DP's. It's a 2 hour job MAX if you know what you are doing.
My friend has them and said they weren't bad.

Originally Posted by Jeff@topgearsolutions View Post
Wastegate rattle is inevitable on this car, keeping that in mind, don't get downpipes if you dont want to hear it. Dp's give some decent power, but if you have a tune already you can actually gain more power with a good intercooler.
I know heat soak is a serious issue with these cars so I have been thinking about an intercooler. I may just invest in that then. I know the turbo rattle is normal and I hear it but if I ever ran into the issue of no boost bc the wastegates failed I would rather be able to swing up to the dealer than have to take the DPs off first.