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Originally Posted by kiwi29 View Post
Haha as do I I find that it comes out nicely being as the e90 has a curved body
I did have a muffler delete but it didn't exactly put the note I was looking for. I did like it though, it was my first "performance" mod. A muffler tends to have a nicer tone than a delete because it doesn't drone as bad but it is a lot cheaper to do a delete than buying a muffler. If I was going back towards the oem looking route, id get a cherry bomb muffler (cheaper than magnaflow by far and sounds just as good) with the quads or perhaps large tips on a 328i like frankiE90 (I believe that's his name)
I have a res and 2ndary cat delete and it definitely doesn't pass smog lol plus if you go towards a muffler delete, res delete and cat delete, expect A LOT of hate from cops and neighbors. Cold starts with my car vibrate the entire house and I can't drive by a cop quietly anymore and I have an actual muffler. With the muffler delete, you have no way out. Its major drone 80-100% of the time. When going to a muffler shop to get the 2ndary cat delete, ask for them to cut and weld the cats and ask them to make "test pipes" in place so whenever you wanna switch off, you can do it easily. It'll cost more to turn your system into a bolted system vs. 1 piece weld but definitely worth it if you get a state ref or fix-it ticket. Make sure you DON'T give the shop the cats or any pieces. That way when smog time comes, you can save money and just bolt the cats back on yourself
I have too much knowledge about this and ill help you from my mistakes, just give me a pm and ill shoot you my number if you need it too

thanks for the info man! looks like the muffler delete isn't the right option for me then, i hate drone. i do love loud though, i have an agency power exhaust on my e46 m3 and.. well let's just say i never have to call my friends when i'm outside their house for them to come out since they can hear me from over half a mile away with that said though do you have a specific brand of muffler that you recommend? like i said i like loud but don't like drone. I'm thinking about doing a custom quad set up.. i'll do a quick microsoft paint sketch in a bit LOL
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