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Originally Posted by Rob S. View Post
Im only seeing 14.5-15psi with 66/34 (95oct/E85). With 102oct i was at 16-16.5psi. Is that normal or should i see higher psi levels with E85? I only have JB4 G5 ISO and BMS DCI.
What octane scale? Is 95 the cheap gas? You want to still run premium with E85. If you ran the cheap gas (our 87 octane) with E85 I wouldn't expect to see 17 psi on a 50% mix. You can add more E85 to get more boost. Try a 40% mix if your trims are good. Also the learning happens after 4000rpm at WOT in gear 3 and 4. Make sure you do some wot blasts there.