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Originally Posted by pepsih View Post
Hi all,
On Wednesday I traveled from NY to Canada, unfortunately, the cop caught me driving 88 on a 65 zone (it was 3 am ok.. highways were empty.. but never mind).

The cop told me that i was speeding ...
Them he asked if I have a radar detector, because he saw me slowing down when i got flashed.. I said yes them he asked me some questions about my dashcam, actually he liked it.
He also looked at my tow hook license plate and said that he has an M3 and he is going to do the same thing ;D.

He took my licence and came back with a "traffic control device Disobeyed 1110" ticket.
I already feel lucky because i know how many points i could loose drivine 20mph over the limit.
Now my question is ...
Should i fight this ticket?
(I risk 2 points and +/- 200 fine)
If Yes do you guys know any good lawyers?

Again sorry for my bad English/ if someone could translate that into real English i would appreciate lool
You don't need a lawyer for this one, just go to the court date, and ask the cop before you see the judge if you can have a no point ticket, then pay the fine.

They will reduce it to a non moving violation.

the ticket will increase your insurance since it's a moving violation, best to fight it.