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Originally Posted by qntran2 View Post
Drop it off at Cobb in Austin they were looking for a test car to play with awhile back. Might end up with one of the first Cobb'd n55

Oh I just read the thread looks like they want a MT n55. At least its gonna come out soon? I'm happy with my jb4 though no problems with it if I were to change tunes I'd probably go Procede
They already tested an N55 awhile back but for the 335i, not sure about the N55 135i tho.

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Got my car an early Christmas present still missing a tension arm but everything else is going on tomorrow!

looking good

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Hehe maybe it was just a lucky guess but its ok I dont drive a manual either I do wish I had the n55's DCT though. Steptronic is kinda lame =\
N55 doesn't have DCT. M3 and M5 and M6 has SMG but only the 335is they offered the DCT in. other models have Steptronic, which is good and stronger than DCT but not fast as DCT but DCT is WEAKER. Manual is the strongest out of the 3.

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Hi guys,

So here goes-

My friend who owns Buffalo Wild Wings would love to have a BMW meet at his joint. He's a really cool local guy, down to earth a stuff, I propose the next meet be here, it's a new location with a TON of Tvs and games, reminds me of a David and busters almost. I can have the entire front blocked off for our cars and we can have like a show and shine etc. I've also invited a couple of my heavy hitting friends with their exotics except we're throwing dates around. I would like to get to know a few of you. Who's down for a meet at BWW on veterans blvd.?
My brother and his friends have been eatting there almost everyday, Bout time I go and eat lols. and have a glass of wine. hopefully they will pitch in and do this meet. not alot of people in BR are free to come down, everyone has a busy schedule.
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My life is complete. Yodaime has commented on a post with my car in it.